“I get a little bit bigger but then..”

And here are the Bedhead heads! Even though I didn’t publish them as “shortly” as I thought I would because Admin problems, I had a blast doing these! First time doing different colored heads! and as popular demand, wish granted ๐Ÿ™‚ I get it. Not everyone has the same tastes but, hopefully these colors help!?

Now the gooood stuff..


Ps.ย What is the name of the song? ๐Ÿ˜›


Since my last epic fail at a body with no shirt on, I have decided to redo it. It also helped me re-learn “Photoshop” so I can edit like I used to. Lol, I still laugh at the old version when I see it. Here it is if you are curious..



I also made it CC or color changeable! Try it out!




“I’m Back B*ches” -๐Ÿ…ฐ

Wooooo has it been a loooong time! But I’m here, and “I’m in a store and I’m singing!”โ„๏ธ Jk. But I’m still that occasional graal gfx player I used to be-laziness included. Anyways, here is a new personal head project I’m working on for me, Erick ..as a present for coming back ๐Ÿ˜‚

* I will have Updates soon. Chill. Stop asking.

Ps. Can anyone guess the two references I used in this post? Hint: one is a Movie and the other a Tv show! 



Many of you have been wondering why the heck does my in-game House Gallery say you can get the shown uploads on my web, but they are not even here!?!? Well, I have them now for YOU! with the exception of one.
*You can message me in-game and I’ll upload tho (:


  1. I added in a personal head that I used for a while! Get it while its HAWT!
  2. Want to win your own personal animated upload? join my IN-GAME guild called ” Gangsterr ” (yea that’s double r and lol I change guild names for fun but currently it’s that)

(BTW: that original face came from iPink-the era admin- anyone who says they made it is lying!!!!)

(check/click Set Transparency only if you are uploading the first two bodies ๐Ÿ™‚ or the ones with the colored background)

E-dits Indexed Slick E-dits Indexed hoodie! E-dits (Gold) (Press) ErickGangstaBodyNOCC EricksPersonalHeadK

Trying it one last time..

People out there in the Graal world lie a lot. So, I am posting an UPDATE of my new signature head straight from my computer + straight from the program I use. I know sooner or later this will be stolen and then someone will edit like.. the eye color and take off my name.. and make it .png (still) because they can’t edit .gif (animated) BUT don’t believe them when they say they edited it all.

Don’t expect it on my web either. Anyways… I am making progress on it, it’s not done and I don’t know when it will be Haha! YES, this is a tedious Re-edit and not a make from scratch head. Mostly just the hair,ย  I LUV IT.

Who made the original head? who knows.. but props to you! Maybe the owner can comment?

(it’s the head on the left corner)